In, out, shake off the rain, out, in, shake about again. Will the weather make up it's mind? Never mind we still had lots of fun..... we visited the National Railway Museum and got to wave off the first Azuma train from York Station which we were lucky to see pull away as we walked through the station to the museum. Inside we saw saw a Eurostar, a Shinkansen (or Bullet Train) and plenty of interesting steam locos. We joined in a Science Pop-up session learning about how trains are sent on different routes to keep services running and how electricity can move about to power the lines - though I don't think it usually goes through children holding hands as in our demonstration! We did a bit of digging around the grounds and tidied up some flower beds that had gone to seed already which provided us with some poppy seed heads to use in a giant print of a meadow that you can see when you visit next term. Jessie and Woody the rabbits came to see what we were up to and we found out what they like to eat (not always carrots as we first thought!) and how to look after them - some children even made the rabbits a burrow on the school field! We made good use of the wet but warm downpours that created giant puddles on the playgrounds by getting absolutely soaked splashing about - it started off well with wellies and little splashes but soon ended up with full wellies and drenched children! Happy days!