A few points you should be aware of:

  1. All children must be collected before 6pm. If this time is exceeded then a fee will be incurred of £15 for every 15 minutes you are late to cover the cost of staff.
  2. The person responsible for collecting your child/children must be aged 16 or above and their name should be included on your registration form.
  3. Cancellations must be paid for in full.
  4. Late bookings will be considered depending upon availability. These can be arranged either by phone or in person and must be paid for on the day.
  5. Payment should be paid in advance, and can be cash or cheque (made payable to Headlands Out of School Club). If your employer runs a voucher scheme then speak to Helen, who will check if the scheme is compatible with the club. Please note all cancellations will be charged for in full.
  6. If your child/children are not attending the club due to illness etc. please call or text 07599 543915 as soon as possible to avoid staff searching for them.
  7. Parents must ensure they sign children into breakfast club before leaving the premises.
  8. Parents must sign children out of after school sessions before leaving the building.

We thank all parents/carers for their help and co-operation in these matters.

Individual requirements

At Headlands Out of School Club we recognise that some children may have individual requirements. As a club we endeavour to meet the needs of any child wishing to utilise our service. We would therefore be willing to discuss the individual requirements of any child with their parents and make any reasonable changes where needed to accommodate the children/child.


If your child requires medication please speak to Helen or Anne and we will ask you to fill in a medication consent form.


All policies are available at request in the club. if you would like to read them, please ask a member of staff.

Here are some of our key policies

Admission and fees



Mobile phones

Behaviour management

Clubs in school

If your child is attending one of school clubs before coming over to the Out of School Club, please could you inform the club teacher that they need to be accompanied over to the club. Please could you inform Helen the days your child will be attending these.


We are dedicated to providing a high quality of care to the children at the club and we are lucky to have staff who are qualified to level 3 in playwork. Helen is the clubs' Inclusion Co-ordinator. Helen, Anne, and Andy have all completed Makaton training.

The training needs of the staff are regularly reviewed and courses such as first aid, safeguarding, food hygiene and food allergy are updated every 3 years. All members of staff are DBS checked.


A voluntary committee is made up of parents whose children attend the club. All parents are welcome to join this committee and have a say in the service provided to their children. Meetings are on a fairly informal basis and you need not have had experience of a committee before to join. New ideas, faces and skills are always welcomed so please speak to Helen if you feel you could give up a little of your time. Please note that this committee is essential as without it then the Club could not operate.


As the Club is a non-profit making organisation, occasionally we run Fundraising events for which we approach parents for their support (donations, prizes, time). All such events help reduce the cost of running the Club and help to keep fees as low as possible so any support you can offer is very much appreciated.

And finally...

Headlands Out of School Club aims to work with parents and children, so ideas and suggestions are always very welcome. We have a parents and carers comments book available for you to write in if you wish.

Likewise if at any time you have any concerns about any aspect of the service we provide then all members of staff are willing to discuss these with you on an informal basis. Alternatively you are free to speak to the Chair of the Committee about any issues.

The Club is registered with Ofsted and if you have any specific concerns or queries about the running of out of school groups then you can contact them at:

NBO, 2nd Floor
Royal Exchange Buildings
St Ann's Square
Manchester N27LA

Tel: 0300 123 1231
E-mail: enquiries@ofsted.gov.uk
Web Site: www.ofsted.gov.uk