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Hi, my name is Andy! I've have been at Headlands Out of School Club since Summer 2015. I'll most often be seen around the grounds in my boots letting children dig holes and climb trees!

Stockings by the fire yet?

Crafty clubbers have been creating a fireplace display as practice for setting up the real thing at home hoping for a visit from the big red guy. Letters promise that we've been good and all sorts of other decorations have been made to make the whole place as Christmassy as possible. The wreaths looked particularly yesterday and I'm sure some…
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House about that then?

Children of all ages (including the staff!) have been taking inspiration from a topic in Reception - 'Houses and Homes'. Lots of crafty activity has seen many buildings up on our display board and wooden block houses made outside too. Come and have a look next time you are in.…
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Elf Training Academy re-opens

The first recruits have started on a basic wooden toy sanding and decorating course which will involve many hours of effort and concentration unheard of in many classrooms! We have already designed objects for the school Christmas fair and have taken care to select the best cuts of wood for each project. The wind and rain may batter the clubhouse…
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Club chalk up another festival of light.

We have started our activities to mark the Hindu festival of Diwali with some very careful and detailed puppet making, lantern construction and a super multicoloured rangoli pattern on the paved area just outside the club door to bring us luck for the next year. We have listened to the story of Rama and Sita (the death of the demon…
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