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We would like to welcome all children, parents/carers who are interested in coming to our club. We hope you find the information on our website useful. If you have any questions please get in touch or come and speak to Helen at the club who will be able to answer them for you. Headlands Out of School Club has…
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Meet the team

  • Helen

    Hello, my name is Helen and I've been Manager at Headlands Out Of School Club for nearly four years now and I've got 20 years of experience in childcare!

    Although the paperwork can be challenging and a bit boring at times, the best part of the job is spending time with the children and listening to there stories from home and school as they always make me laugh!

    I also enjoy doing craft activities with the children and it's very rewarding when we get positive feedback from the parents and children about how lovely the activities are!

  • Anne
    Deputy Manager

    Hello my name is Anne, Deputy Manager at Headlands Out of School Club. I have worked here for two years, nearly completing 20 years experience of working with children.

    It is a wonderful and fulfilling job and one which I love - even the early mornings!

    I enjoy doing crafts and activities with the children - getting covered in paint and glue there's nothing better - and that's just me!

  • Andy

    Hi, my name is Andy and I have have been at Headlands Out of School Club since Summer 2015.

    I love all things messy and can be most often be seen around the grounds in my boots letting children dig holes to China, climb trees to the clouds or chop stuff up with saws and knives.

    I am a Forest School Leader and a HLTA at Headlands School and have worked with Pre-school and Primary school children for over ten years now.

    I must dash - someone wants to show me a snail they've just found...

  • Nicola

    Hello, my name is Nicola! I am the youngest member of staff and have been at the Out Of School Club for three years now! I am currently training to be a Teaching Assistant and I'm on placement in Headlands Primary School two days a week and it's great experience!

    I love doing arts and crafts with the children and doing outdoor activities with them, such as playing catch, getting the parachute out and going to the forest school! I also enjoy doing different display's for each season and for the different celebrations and festivals that happen throughout the year.

    It's a very rewarding and enjoyable place to work at!

  • Carol

    Hello, my name is Carol, I have been at Headlands Out Of School for just over a year and thoroughly enjoy it. The staff have made me feel very welcome and part of their team.

    I have a little boy who started school last September.

    Before I started working at HOOSC, I worked as a nanny for two children until they were old enough for secondary school.

    I really enjoy being outside and love doing gardening activities with the children especially planting in our vegetable garden and tidying up. Its always great to see the children enjoying the fruit and vegetables we have grown. It's a friendly and rewarding place to work
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